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Hey all,

Just bought an '06 950SM. Wow what a bike, only done about 150 miles on it so far but have a such a laugh. Been fettling in the garage too, put the carb needles up a notch and stuck some Akras on it. My neighbours are going to hate me...

Whilst spannering, I noticed a small split in the oil sight tube, and thanks to this forum discovered its a common problem so I quickly ordered and fitted a new (updated) one, along with new crush washers.

Anyway, a quick test ride, and it still seems to be weeping a drop of oil from that area. I'm tempted to tighten up the bolts some more but don't want to tear the threads in the sump.

Does anyone know the recommend torque settings for the bolts, or knows where I might find a manual that provides the settings? I found a 950 engine repair manual but this doesn't cover the sump at all...
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