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All lined up ready to go I think there was 30 N E G bikes and at least 30 police bikes
Duties: team 3 (6 of us) went out before the start to the first downhill section to warn riders of the hazards. Then get onto the back of the bubble to pick up any riders in trouble and get them back in the race or team cars or broom wagon or ambulance. Take over duties at junctions to relieve police or junction teams on rolling road block. Did this for 1st 30 or so miles. This then change I was to stay just behind team cars while rest went on to assist with rolling road block.
Best bits: Chasing team cars and riders up to the back of the peloton, being waved passed 2 police cars with blues going on the wrong side of the road.
Most dangerous bit : rider got a puncture team car stopped changed wheel, car and rider set off down the road with rider holding door pillar me behind them ambulance, 2 police cars, broom wagon, AA van and a fire chief! behind me. 62 mph I clocked Realised car and rider were going to miss next right hand junction stood on brakes and horn holding right arm out to indicate direction Everything screeches to a stop both just make turn look in mirrors before moving off can see AMB in left on and NCE in other look round to see ambulance driver wiping his brow about a foot of my back wheel.
Worst bits the weather:Strong winds and rain making cycling very dangerous never mind racing in it.
KTM my bike was not made for this, juddered despite slipping the clutch up the hills were everything slowed right down and the chain slapped away too. Tank way to small got to finish 10 miles into reserve on a 106 mile stage. Mind you did thrash it a bit in 3rd when catching up .
Great day though 6 & 1/2 hours just flew by never ever a dull second we all had race radios so we knew what was going on and coming up in front off us.
Just so proud to play a small role in such an event.
Only down side is I'm definitely going to have to change my bike and I don't think a KTM will do what is required, tank range being biggest issue BMW guys were by far the best off GTRs next.
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