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From what l can tell, the R&G tail tidy for the SM will fit, but will leave a hole for where the SM seat lock is located.

The R&G has its own smaller LED stop/tail light with white lens that fits snug under rear fender.

Indicators might be too high up on the bracket if using Acrapovic - be interested to know of other peoples experience on this.

I have the R&G on my SM, but that has the shorther FMF/KTM cans on it so indi's fit ok.

Was wanting to use the R&G on my SE but dont think it will fit with the Leo Vinci's.

Sorry - cant answer your Q about indi's.

Looks like Charlie Nut might have to make a bespoke tail tidy for the SE (+ for the SM using any of the 'longer' end cans [the all metal akra, leo's, wings etc])- you can buy the neat R&G light as a seperate.

Pretender used to make a tail tidy that fitted the bill but he has vanished.

If you do produce, I would be keen to buy ......
1 - 2 of 2 Posts