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After not being on a bike for 8 years, I'm back.
Last bike was a 520exc enduro that I took to the isle of man for my last visit to the TT.

After using the money from the bike on spending money on a holiday, and then finding out I had a little one on the way on said holiday, a bike become the last priority, then, it was a mortgage, then it was spending money on the house, then it was a new car, on and on and on. BUT... IM BACK!

Have an 640 LC4 SM which I picked up the other day. And slowly getting back into the feel for it again.

Few ideas I might try:
1. Tail tidy
2. New silencers (they are just too big looking for my liking). I think the front pipe is Akrapovic, springs say that anyway shrugs
3. K&N - looked under the seat and it looks to be missing some sort of airbox cover, maybe this is a mod?
4. Carb upgrades? maaaybe...
5. clear indicators
6. Would like some bobbies, but not sure how they would attach to the current spindles as there are no holes/threads. Or rear paddle stand bobbies?
7. anything else anyone recommends?
8. new plastics, these a bit scratched due to age

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