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I regretfully need to sell this gorgeous specimen. I bought it two and a half years ago (from this forum) and it has largely sat in a garage until I took it out last month to get it ready to sell. This bike is so well equipped, and with so many spares, that it would be ready to go round the world tomorrow. I bought the bike having done a long distance trip to Morocco on a much smaller bike thinking I would do more. I haven’t and have also come to realise it is too big for me. As such it is as I bought it as I have only done 1,600 miles on it. It is nearly out of MOT and TAX though has done sub 200 miles since this time last year when it passed the MOT (had to have the fork seals replaced, and had the head race bearings done at the same time, so this is all good for some time). It has 21,200 miles on the clock (bought it at 19,600 30 months ago), but due to the fantastic condition it is in, and the amount of spares coming with it, I am looking for £4400. The bike is currently in Kinloss, 30 minutes east of Inverness, but would be happy to load it onto a courier for anyone who organises it.

PM me with e-mail address for pics if interested.

Below is the full description and list of spares...get a beer ready, it goes on for a bit. It was written by the previous owner, who as you can tell lovingly cared for this bike. The two kitted out pics are from the previous owner on a trip (it looks a lot cleaner right now,) the remainder are recent ones I have taken.

Finally if you are interested, be warned, you will need take into account the amount of spares you need to take away with you...it wont fit on the back of the bike.

This bike was bought from Sideways KTM with just over 600 miles on the clock in 2007 and I have looked after it painstakingly ever since. The bike has never skipped a beat, and given how I have looked after it, has many, many more miles in it yet. It is in exceptional condition (as can be seen from the photos). In terms of servicing, the bike needs nothing doing to it having just been completely overhauled over the course of the last summer. The bike is a very clean example, in superb condition; you will struggle to find a better second-hand example, regardless of mileage! I have used the bike predominantly for touring - running it at very steady speeds and moderate revs. As a result, the engine has not been worked hard at all, and the bike runs superbly, with a great, balanced and taught feel to the chassis. It has not been used for daily commuting and thus is almost totally corrosion free (again, see photos). The carb has been rejetted from stock (though stock jet will be included in the sale), so runs really nicely. The bike has no significant bad points: the crumby underseat plastic toolkit holder fell off (as they always do) and I haven't bothered to replace it. The tools themselves ARE included in the sale. Apart from that, there are the usual marks to be expected on the plastics on a bike of this mileage, some ankle-rubbing against the frame and a few stone chips on the rims and centre-stand (again, inevitable). In all honesty, however, the bike looks stunning; it does not look or ride like a bike of its mileage.

The bike has been upgraded as follows:

Permanent Stainless Steel Oil Filters. Never need to buy another oil filter; the bike is fitted with
Scott's Racing Micromesh Oil Filters, complete with billet aluminium main filter housing. These were
eye-wateringly expensive, but very high quality.

Aluminium Sump Guard. A genuine KTM sump guard has just been fitted. This has been used for
less than 90 miles and has no significant 'hits', dents, gouges or scratches!

Front Wheel replaced with an upgraded 950 Super Enduro front wheel. This narrower and much
stronger wheel (DID Dirtstar rim) is far less prone to damage on rough routes.

Single Front Brake Disc Conversion. The stock double front brakes (shared with the 950 Adventure
and unecessarily heavy/powerful) have been converted to a single brake disc, as per the original
640 Adventure specification pre-2004. The single brake has been matched with a genuine 950
Super Enduro brake lever, so brake feedback and response is excellent.

High Front Fender. Again, the front fender has been converted to 2003 specification, with increased
mud-clearance. All necessary brackets remain, so a low front fender could be re-fitted if required in
the future.

Custom Paint. Rather than the usual KTM Orange, this bike is decked out in a headturning but
subtle metallic grey (Lexus Granite Sky) with black plastics. The bike is listed as grey on the V5
Registration Certificate.

Strengthened Clutch Springs. Three of the six clutch springs have been replaced with stronger rallyedition
springs, reducing clutch wear on a bike already renowned for its robust clutch, without
compromising clutch feel. The original springs will be included in the sale.

Handlebar Risers. Rox SpeedFX adjustable handlebar risers have been fitted (see photo), making
the bike much more comfortable and controllable when standing up.
Improved Handlebar Grips. Original grips replaced with vibration-damping pro-grips.
Remote Trip-Master Switch. The optional KTM remote switch has been fitted, allowing the trip computer to be adjusted on the trot without letting go of the handlbars.

In addition to the bike, the following items will be included in the sale:
Owners Briefcase (containing user guide, parts manual, 2 sets of keys, key number, V5, certificate
of conformity, suspension manuals)
OEM Toolkit
CD containing the KTM 650 LC4 workshop manual
Original (Full Size) Registration Plate
Original Clutch Springs
Spare Chain (DID 520 VM - previously fitted, but unused)
Spare Sprockets (Front x 1 / Rear x 2 (1 x aluminium, 1 x steel)
Length of spare vacuum tubing
Spare clutch line (original replaced with longer clutch line to allow fitment of bar risers)
Oil filter removal tool and spare rubber o-ring seals
Touch-up paint (for frame and tank)
3 x spare indicator lenses
Spare front inner tube
Spare (used) KTM Hardparts aluminium reinforced handguards
Emig Racing Triple Clamp & Steering Stabiliser £600 when purchased. I found this utterly brilliant – it transforms the handling of the bike from good to great. This is a full, silver anodised, custom offset triple clamp, with ‘tall’ bar mounts and a Revolution Steering Stabiliser. It’s a similar setup to the Scotts system, but custom designed for the KTMs so fits muchneater. The revised offset make a noticeable difference (much more stable – particularly offroad). It will fit either a KTM 640 or a 950 (though not a 990). If fitting it to a 950, you’ll need a different post mount (about $40 from Emig Racing). I bought it from them directly – they’re a small family unit with excellent customer service.
Uprated Suspension Springs £175 when purchased. Genuine WP fork and rear strut springs that significantly improve handling when laden (as well as protecting the rear shock from failure). Many people uprate the fork springs (to the same rating as the stock 950 Adv forks) irrespective of whether they’re carrying luggage or not (it stops the bike diving so much when fully fuelled).

Kevlar Tank Protectors original cost £90. I didn’t fit these, but wish I had. They’re brand new and simply glue on to the leading edge of the fuel tank with silicon sealant, and stop all the paint chipping and gouging off when you inevitably drop the bike. (Getting the tank resprayed was an epic – I spent about 20 hrs rubbing down several coats of primer etc and still paid £180 for the privilege of getting the paint sprayed on!). If you put some clear tape on the tank (between the paint and the silicon adhesive), then the whole lot can be removed when you get back, leaving a pristine tank. The protectors are Kevlar, not carbon – so will not shatter on heavy impact.
Full Rally Guard £500 when purchased. A genuine SW-Motech 6mm Aluminium sump guard/bash plate/rally guard. As used on the early Dakar bikes, this has a 3 litre water tank on the left and a small tool/spares box on the right. Utterly bombproof (6mm aluminium plate, rather than 3mm), this completely protects the engine
and also guards the exposed fuel petcock and the brake/gear pedals from damage in the event of a spill. If you use security headed allen bolts on the toolbox, it provides very secure storage. Protector Set These have all been taken off the bike and are in good condition, though could do with a clean before re-fitting.

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There's more:

Rear Brake Disc Protector £89 when purchased
− A genuine Scott’s Racing ‘Sharkfin’ - this replaces the rear brake calliper carrier and protects the
portion of the brake disc that extends below the trail arm from damage. It’s a 10 minute job to
install, is utterly bombproof and judging by some of the gouges on it, has protected the brake disc
a few times already!
Heavy Duty Rear Sprocket/Chain Protector £30 when purchased
− An aluminium sprocket protector that replaces the stock plastic one and fully encases the chain.
Front Brake Calliper Protector £12 when purchased
− SW-Motech brake calliper protector – an aluminium plate that bolts over the calliper and protects
it from flying rocks or a hit during a spill. Simple, light and effective.
Staintune Stainless Exhaust & Tuning Kit £340 when purchased
− Stainless Steel exhaust with a removable muffler (pleasant rumble vs loud!). This is much lighter
than the stock pipe, is a straight swap, has no catalytic converter to get ‘poisoned’ by leaded fuel in
countries like Bolivia and improves performance. The muffler provides a really easy way of ‘rough
tuning’ the engine if it struggles crossing a high altitude pass. Rather than change the carb jet for 1
day, just remove the muffler and you’ll easily get another 1000-1500m of altitude out of the bike!
Staintune exhausts are filled with stainless steel wadding – the only aftermarket exhaust that I
know of that never needs repacking. No dents or scrapes, though it does have a few drops of
‘welding spatter’ on it from when I had the old, original sub-frame mended in Bolivia. A quick go
with a dremel will soon remove these and the whole thing can be mirror polished to an as new
finish (I’ll throw in a polishing kit).
− Tuning kit includes a high-breath side plate for the airbox, an aftermarket idling screw, a full set
of carb main jets (a 10 minute job to change these), some sand gauze for the carburettor breather
tubes and a super-moto performance carb main-needle (which improves throttle response).
Spares Kit (Ideal for an Overland Trip) >£250 when purchased
Essentially, the spares kit we carried on our trip. All parts brand new and unused. Includes:
− 1 x spare water pump (principal point of failure on a LC4 engine)
− 1 x complete set of spare brake pads (sintered EBC pads)
− 2 x spare DID chain master-links
− 1 x spare carburettor slide
− 2 x spare main jets and needles
− 4 x spare rear wheel spokes (2 x near side, 2 x off side)
− 3 x spare indicator bulbs
Routine Servicing Kit £140 when purchased
All the bits needed for routine servicing:
− 4 x sets valve cover gaskets (check and change every 6000 miles, so enough to take you to 30,000 miles from last service)
− 1 x valve clearance gauge
− 6 x sets spare crush washers (enough to last the lifetime of the bike – they seldom need changing)
− 7 x frame oil filter cover gaskets (change with every oil change (3000 miles), so enough to take you to 24,000 miles from last service)
− 4 x NGK DPR8E sparkplugs (change every 6000 miles, so enough to take you to 30,000 from last service)
− 4 x pre-oiled air filters (change at least every 3000 miles (more often if very dusty)) – so enough to cover about 30,000 miles. Incidentally, these are brilliant; rather than carrying noxious cleaning fluid and filter oil, just bin the old, screwed up filter and replace. They pack down to nothing, are useful padding for delicate objects and their weight is negligible.
- Spare Drive Chain £110 when purchased. This sits somewhere between spare parts and routine servicing.

I wouldn’t do any trip without a spare chain, and sourcing a high quality one for routine replacement outside the capital cities of South America is almost impossible:
− 1 brand new, top of the range DID Professional 520-VM chain. At about £100 ea, the best they
− 1 full set of OEM STEEL sprockets (front and rear). The steel rear sprockets last much longer than
aluminium ones and will survive as long as the chain.
− 1 x spare drive sprocket lock washer and silicon ‘o’ ring. The o-ring sits behind the drive sprocket
and becomes compressed over time – replacing it each time you replace the drive sprocket stops
any oil from leaking out in this area. A new lock washer is required every time the sprocket nut is
Oil Temperature Gauge £50 when purchased
Rather than relying on the vague dashboard temp gauge, this replaces the oil filler cap and
measures the oil temperature directly and accurately. The temp is displayed on a dial on top of the
filler cap. Fit it and forget about it - genuinely useful for seeing how efficiently the bike is running. I
carried the original cap as a spare, just in case the dial got stolen!
Useful Bike Specific Tools for Travel
Tyre changing / puncture repairing eqpt £57 when purchased
− 2 x KTM travel tyre levers. 20cm long, they’re not too big and heavy to pack away, but long
enough to do the job (with some elbow grease!) Steel, so they don’t bend and snap.
− 1 x set rim protectors. Plastic rim protectors that stop you damaging the light alloy rims when
using steel tyre irons!!
− 1 x valve puller. A really useful little device for getting the inner tube back into place. Small light,

Luggage System
Genuine KTM 640 Adv Tank Bag £70 when purchased
− A bit sun-faded, but all zips and buckles work etc. I used this for carrying my SLR camera and
have left the soft foam inside for this purpose, if you want. The main compartment is surprisingly
waterproof, even in full blown tropical rain.
Andy Strapz Expedition Panniers £170 when purchased
− Absolutely bomb proof. I prefer soft bags as they transmit less stress to the rear sub-frame if you
drop the bike. They also provide fewer sharp edges to mash your legs up with during a crash.
Finally, if they break, a cobbler anywhere in the world can patch them up again – not the case with
aluminium! These have been used for 10 months, but could easily do another year on the road.
Made from truck canvas, they’re still utterly water tight, though can be re-proofed if required.
They’ve got two really useful rear pockets that’ll take a 1 litre metal (Sigg type) fuel bottle. I’ll
throw my two in – sufficient capacity to carry enough oil for topping up en route, as well as a
complete oil change.
Dalby Moto 640 Adv Soft Luggage Rack £150 when purchased
− Specifically designed for the 640 Adventure and the Andy Strapz Panniers, these move the weight
of the luggage system forward of the rear axle – dramatically improving handling when laden.
Imported from Australia, at great expense
Aluminium Top Box Adapter Rack £40 when purchased.

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i fell asleep at paragraph 1
nice bike good luck with the sale

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Hi, sorry my advert is bad...clearly too much waffle. I'll try and re-write it if I have time.

I'm looking for £4,400 but would be open to offers as I need to move it on; I'm moving down South soon and don't want to move it as well.


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