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I was thinking that i might need to change the springs to more soft, as they're on default settings from factory right now. I'm only 55kg so the stock settings might rebound me back in the air after landing a jump right?

This is a new bike to me, i have ridden bikes and such since i was like 4, but i had break from riding as actual hobby for few years and last summer i drove a bit on and ktm exc 125 that was tuned up for finlands national championship and damn, that bike was well tuned, the owner had been working with the springs for 2 summers and they were spot on. As it wasnt my bike, i didnt jump too far with it but the springs were good.

So, as i live in finland i will have to adjust the springs for winter also that generally means alot softer as you go in middle of the fields and forests where's only one line to drive and no jumps. Any advice on which springs to choose if theres need to? Thanks!;)
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