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Okay a couple of people from work are getting into MX/enduros and knowing my past they have broke me like a soggy kitkat so im gona look at getting another bike to go along side my moto after my time out here in the jungle.

I think with the money i save here i will have a budget of about 2k-2.5k but i may be able to squeeze abit more if i realy need to.

Im thinking a 450 EXC but i dont want out shabby. Been awhile since ive brought a bike so what sort of age bike do you reckon i could get for that in good condition?

From past experience but correct me if im wrong its coming up to the rite time to be looking aswell as most people are normaly trying to get rid of their bikes and looking to upgrade for the following year thats why i always used to buy my crossers around the winter time cause they seemed to go for less than they do around the spring/summer.
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