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hi all, my name is brad, im from the midlands area, im 21 and iv been riding aslong as the law allowed me to, but only on the road.

my biking past has been sports bikes only;
rieju RS2 Matrix 50cc
Cagiva Mito Evo 2 125cc
Honda VFR400 NC30
and my current bike and the love of my life, a 2006 Ducati 749s, but im not your usual "wamk over it in the grage" owner, i actually use mine, but im after something i can just "play" on hence the lust for a 640, i want to be able to kick the crap out of it on the twisties, then change the wheels and go green laneing when iv got some spare time

my lust began when i went to a mates garage and he has one, but iv only just seen it, i had a sit on it and the think is an animal, it was bringing a smile to my face just sitting on it...

so, tell me what i should be looking at, where, and what for :)
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