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Well after having a good long ride out to manchester and back yesterday ive decided that the Akra+Akra Map & sprocket change will do for me now instead of fitted the PC3, Im used to twins anyway and tbh i cant see me personally noticing too much until i start taking the KTM on track and right now ive got the R1 for that job.

So im selling :)

brand new boxed, still sealed as new and not opened,not touched at all and has just sat in my Office for a month while ive made y mind up. Full warranty remains etc

Its the 925-411 version which is listed for the Superduke but as well documented on here fits and works with the RC8 no probs and gives you the added bonus of longer cables so you can fix it under the rear tail section.

These seem to range between £269£300, i paid somewhere in the middle but PM me and ill save you some more on the cheapest price.

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