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Hi all,

I'm having trouble getting my head around all these spring rates for the rear shock.
I own a 2005 450 EXC, bought second hand. I don't know what spring rate is currently on my bike, as numbers have come off the spring. Assuming it is the same spring as when bought new, it should be an 88-250 (according to the KTM manual). Is this correct?

I weigh around 100 - 105Kg in my gear, and found that I was bottoming out in my places. I started playing arond with the suspension settings and have had to crank the pre load up to its max, in order to achieve the correct riding sag. However, the static sag is around 45-50mm, which considerably more than what KTM recommend. Surely if the spring has been pre-loaded as much as mine has, the static sag value should be lower than the recommeded 35mm? or am I missing something? May there be something wrong with the shock absorber itself?

For my weight, what is the recommended spring rating?
88-250 or the next one up like a 90-250 (if it exists) or a 92-250.

:confused: :confused: :confused:

Thanks in advance chaps
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