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Rekluse z-clutch rms137 to fit KTM 125/144/150/200 2-Stroke 98-09 . The reason for selling is due to an upgrade to the pro version. This is an awsome piece of kit and I will never ride off road without one of these being fitted again. The kit is complete with the Hydraulic Clutch Lever Removal Kit. I am also including the centre hub off my 200 so you will not have to do any of the filing, tapping and counter sinking of your original hub. This will be useful as you can convert to this clutch and back to the original with little hassle if you decide to or if you sell your bike and want to keep the rekluse clutch. (PLEASE NOTE THE CENTRE HUB IS OF A KTM 200 2001)

ps there is one steel ball missing out of 40, but I used a tungsten ball instead. It does not affect the performance as you can adjust the amount of tungsten balls to suit your riding style

any questions call Mike 01597824939 /07769773205
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