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Rekluse Z-Start Pro Automatic Clutch KTM/Husaberg 250/300 04-12

Taken off my 2010 300exc
Works perfect and is an amazing upgrade.
Total clutch less operating. As soon as bike stops the clutch disengages and simply idles with clutch out and engages smoothly as you accelerate.
Slippery hill starts are nothing to worry about as Rekluse engages giving perfect slip and traction.
First thing I upgraded on new bike. It's almost like cheating it's that good.

Perfect working order
Easy to fit, just take OEM clutch out and bolt Rekluse in.

You can convert clutch lever to rear brake if required as clutch is no longer essential.

£200 + P&P

The z-Start Pro offers unique benefits as a high-end complement to Rekluse's industry-leading z-Start Clutch. The z-Start Pro offers features which directly benefit pro-level riders, motocross riders, and any motorcycle or ATV rider looking for the highest level of clutch performance, including: z-Start Pro 

* Perfect override through the entire RPM range
* Smoother engagement with more consistent clamping force
* Billet aluminum center clutch maximizes clutch performance and increases durability
* Simple installation without mounting shims
* Minimal maintenance required

The Rekluse z-Start Pro Clutch is an automatic clutch that simply replaces your stock pressure plate. Control the bike by simply turning the throttle. The z-Start Pro Clutch eliminates stalling, improves traction, reduces arm pump, improves starts, increases corner speed, and puts more power to the ground in the most demanding situations. Whether you're a beginning trail rider or experienced off-road competitor, you can benefit from the industry-leading z-Start Clutch and z-Start Pro Clutch. 

Replaces KTM OEM 54832900000


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