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I'm not sure this is allowed so please delete if its in anyway inappropriate.
Hopefully it is of interest to some of your forum users as its a pretty unique offer.

We offer Off road bike only tours in Bulgaria.
We ship YOUR OWN BIKE to Bulgaria for the Ultimate off road experience.

With over 111,000 km2 of off piste riding and no Limits all terrain conditions
plus a Motocross Track : Rido just 4 km away.

Ship - Ride and Enjoy your own bike in Bulgaria

our website is Bulgaria Bike Shipping - Motorcycle Transport to Bulgaria

7 day "Full Braaappp" guided tours starting from £950. (based on 6 or more bikes)

Contact us now for more details [email protected]

Here are some videos from our last adventure. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLOV7s5k7oAq3bY0IMqopF0WJBrtAaxsqV

Cheers Braapppy Riding and thanks for reading :) :)
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