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Fear not, I need to buy a house so this baby has to go and hopefully an SDR will beckon in the spring. its going to be returned to stock and I will be keeping ALL the bling for the time being....plus there is nothing else that I can bling apart from some powder coating or sommat.

Im not in any rush to sell as wont be buying a bike till spring but someone may be interested.

Anyway its a 2006 06 plate bike
07 larger tank (up 3 litres)
Carbon seat hump inc as goes with graphics really.
Redbull livery
Metzeler racetecs with 70% left
Rizoma bars
White wheels (very sought after)
Recent chain and KTM hardparts black chain
2nd 3rd gear mod done
A lot of KTM FSH with the bike, change oil myself regulaly
Waterpump replaced 2-3k ago
New battery this year
Newish brake pads
16/40 gearing
Forks just been serviced by FTR £140
KTM folders/warranty book/manuals and tonnes of receipts. it is taxed into spring and MOT to August 2011.
Im the third owner I got it 3 years ago with 1600miles on the clock.

Sure there is some stuff I have forgotton, I dont live far from Hull and they do ferries to Zebrugge and Brugge if its off on the continent to our european homies.


Pics show exhausts and stuff which are not included in sale.

However has white wheels like this:

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