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right my stator burnt out thus resulting in getting no spark.
so i replaced the stator, the plug, the ignition coil, the ht cap and lead and yet still i have no spark, so this only leaves the problem to be the CDI right?
i am going to order one on friday and hope this solves the problem but what i wanted to know is:
i tried the CDI off my mates rmz 250 and i know its not designed to run with my sx 125 but should i of least of got a spark when i connected his CDI to my bike or will that not work at all?
if i replace the CDI and yet i still have no spark i am stumped of what else it can be as i have replaced everything electrical to produce the spark.
any one who can shed so light on this i will owe you a beer!
I'd be checking the wiring and the earthing before i buy a cdi.
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