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Hello everyone,

Approximately a month ago I've changed my tank cap of my 2008 SX (the one with the safe orange button) because the old one broke the small nipple on it and the hose couldn't stay on.

As far as I know the cap inside has a small ball that work as an irreversible valve, the old cap is empty when you look at its bottom comparing to the new one. I believe that has been modified because I was suspicious that the cap were broke at the accident but I wasn't able to find any parts of it inside the tank.

My problem is that with the new cap when I'm practising or when I lean the bike there is a leak.
So it is very annoying to smell the mixture and have the tank and the rest of the bike dirty coz of the mixture.

I saw few marks on the tank and I thought that was the problem and I straighten them up as much as possible but still the same.. I will try to practice with the old cap on and see if the leakage remain. In a quick test that I've done by leaning the bike, it doesn't leak.

Does anyone faced the same problem?

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