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Tubliss tyre system for front (21") and rear (18") for sale.

I have used these for about a year for racing enduro. At the last event i ripped a hole in the tyre and had to ride about 20 miles with a completely flat back tyre but the tubliss did hold the tyre on letting me finish the race (i wasn't using slime type sealer which is recommended but i doubt it would have helped with a one inch cut!).

Since then i've gone back to using mousses so am selling the Tubliss. Would be ideal for use if you do a bit of road work in between lanes which might overheat mousses.

You can get more details about them at TUbliss : Go Tubeless With The Ultimate Traction Control System

They cost about £90 each but i'll let them go for £70 for the pair including postage.
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