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Received this fromo Gorazd Marovic and thought it might save him answering the same questions time after time re: Wings exhausts for SM KTM's. Hope this helps - P.S. No, I have nothing to do with the factory etc!!

thank you for your interest in our products. Pictures and detailed
description can be seen on _www.wings.si <http://www.wings.si/>_

*Here are the prices for KTM 950/990 SM / SM R / SM T / Super Enduro R:*

*- Titanium mufflers (pair- OVAL or NOS* shape) without carbon end

*- Titanium mufflers (pair- OVAL or NOS* shape) with carbon end
caps_______599.-EUR *

*- postage

*_____________________________-by using the** PayPal 4% will be added to
the total sum*

*For the customers inside EU no custom or tax will be charged since
Slovenia is an EU member!*

WINGS mufflers became very popular lately (even more than we hoped they
would be some day).

We have no stock at the moment- mufflers are made practically on order.
Your package can't be sent prior

at least 8th working day after your payment is received. Forwarder
delivery time must be add in this time frame.

We are doing our best to produce as many mufflers as possible but we
don't want to compromise the quality.

The packages are sent exactly in same order as the payments were received.

I'm sure your patience will be rewarded by getting the mufflers with
probably best sound on the market.

Clamps, bolts and gaskets needed for the mounting are included.

*You will also get two different sets of dB-killers* (in the price
included) for the sound tuning:

-small (slightly louder than original)

-large (louder).

They can easily be removed for sport riding.

We also produce the blanking plates for removing the SAS.

They are made of aluminium. 1 set costs 15.-EUR.

*How to purchase WINGS products? *

WINGS silencers can be ordered directly from us (producer).

That's the guaranty for the lowest prices.

*Paying options are: -*payment thru PayPal (4% must be added to the
total sum)

-bank transfer

*If you prefer PayPal: *just reply to this E-mail and tell us that you
have chosen PayPal,

exactly which mufflers do you want and which KTM bike you have.

Please don't send us any money until you get the PayPal payment request.

*Using bank transfer:* just reply to this E-mail and tell us that you
have chosen bank transfer,

exactly which mufflers do you want and which KTM bike you have.

We will send you our bank account details for the payment.

I will gladly answer any additional questions you may have so please
don't hesitate to ask.

Best regards,

Gorazd Marovic

PS: according to my friend- KTM dealer there is no changes on 2010 model
regarding exhaust.

*WINGS* *-because sound matters!** *

PS: WINGS mufflers are designed to operate proper without remapping if
dB-killers are mounted (either smaller or larger).
*You will get all benefits:
-better low-end torque
-more than 50% less weight
-much lower mufflers temperature
-awesome sound.*
If you want to drive without dB-killers (your neighbours won't be
pleased) you should remap the EFI using
the KTM-Akrapovic map for non-cat. bolt-on mufflers. You can't do this
by yourself because specific hardware and
software is required. It can be done by authorized KTM dealers with
proper equipment.
You can use the Power Commander also.

*NOS = Non-Oval Shape

SI PAT. M200650019

SI PAT. P200900074

EU PAT. 633557-0001

EU PAT. 001645953-001

US PAT: D593,014S

WINGS logotype and wings symbol are registered trade-marks

.SAS is: Secondary Air System- if you choose to remove it you would need
2 alum.plates instead of original ones with hose connectors

(1on each cylinder head- check the
Gentlemen, remove your plumbing!! - ADVrider ).
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